HERE is a leader in navigation, mapping and location experiences. Their technology is used in many places: if you’ve ever checked in on Facebook, you’ve used HERE. Or, if you have in-car navigation, you’ve probably had our help getting where you’re going – over two thirds of the worlds cars, from Ford to Ferrari, use their software. And every time you receive a package from Amazon or FedEx, HERE has helped guide it to your door. So many things we take for granted need location technology to make them work. That’s what HERE provides with over 8000 smart people across the globe.

Growth and innovation: When HERE Technologies started over 30 years ago, a map was a folded piece of paper. Today, interactive maps are on every smartphone and we’re paving the way towards autonomous driving.

More than just maps: Maps remain at the heart of the mission of HERE Technologies. But what HERE builds today is, of course, very different from their earliest maps. HERE has evolved from static visualizations to cloud-enabled, live representations of a world in constant motion. With the backing of leading automotive companies, HERE is ready to deliver the next generation of mobility and location-based services for companies big and small.