Mynewsdesk was founded in 2003 and offers all types of organizations a modern digital PR solution to engage with opinion leaders, customers, bloggers and other relevant audiences. Businesses create and share information on their terms to get increased exposure. Communicators handle and manage efficiently all their external communications in a newsroom where, for example, press releases, high-resolution images, and videos spread through the right channel, at the right time, to the right audience.

Mynewsdesk is a true pioneer, providing communicators with a modern digital PR service. With just one click, you can give the right audiences direct access to relevant press releases, blog posts, social media feeds, high-resolution images and graphics, videos, and more – at the right time. Influencers can start following your newsroom, engage with content, and become part of a network of influencers.

In 2008, Mynewsdesk was bought by the Norwegian media group NHST, which owns several of Norway’s prominent business publications such as Dagens Næringsliv and Today, Mynewsdesk is the fastest growing company in the Group, with 5,000 customers and doing business in seven countries: Sweden, Norway, Denmark, England, Germany, Finland, and Singapore, with over 200 employees and a yearly turnover of 170MSEK.



“Working with Anica is a true pleasure. I am always very impressed with her professionalism and broad knowledge within Human Resources. She has a strong drive combined with an inner calm. She is structured and has an eye for details while at the same time she never looses the big picture and speed. Without exaggeration she is a super hero HR-professional.”


„I had the pleasure to work with Anica for several years and always found her to be an inspirational and very professionell team-mate. She was always ready to tackle the next challenge, and approached it in a very positive and forward thinking manner with a lot of start-up-spirit on her mind. She is strongly committed to her work, consistent and passionate. “